Snow My God!

I hate snow. No, I mean I hate snow. I didn’t like it back east, where it just bolluxed up an already over-crowded and dense traffic situation and everyone’s already over-scheduled over-planned lives, and I hate it even more here on the farm.

Oh sure, the dogs love it – but they’re idiots. Hell, they eat chicken poop and nanny berries, so why not lower the IQ bar a bit more and freeze tails and naughty bits off in the snow?

But trying to feed and water chickens? Trying to get water to all the animals when your hoses are all frozen because you’ve not yet trenched water to the pasture? Trudging with 80 lbs of water through 15 inches of snow for several hundred feet? Looking at all your plants and trees sag and get damaged?

Shoveling snow before you can even open the door to feed and water ducks and collect eggs? Maybe snow in suburbia is fun and pretty. Here, not so much!

We were just lucky that our wind screen was not coated with more ice – we didn’t loose any of these trees thankfully, but had wind come with the ice that followed the snow, we would not have been so lucky.

The snow also made opening and closing the gates to the paddocks in our pasture a nightmare, and we had to keep the chickens inside their coops for about four days – some stuck it out in the barn – but those that stayed in the coops had the good sense not t overture out!

Our hogs weathered the whole thing alright – with the help of plenty of dry straw and warm goats milk, but I think poor Shirley was utterly confused as she tried to root through the snow instead of her normal medium of mud!

The circle garden weathered the whole ordeal fine, however I am trying to save one of our quartet of trees that adorn the front – it was bent, though not uprooted by the ice that followed the snow, so I plan to try to set it back with the tractor and secure it.

The greenhouse had to be cleaned off too before it caved in, especially after the half inch of ice we got on Saturday.

Sure, it’s pretty; it started to snow last Thursday and we were hit with three storms in succession, for a total of 15 inches of snow and a half inch of ice. It made life pretty tough up until Tuesday. It started to rain steady and heavily on Sunday, and as I write, this Wednesday morning, all the snow is gone.

We are now being buffeted with heavy rains and winds, and there is no end in sight. But we are in severe drought, and have had precious little rain this winter when we usually get it – it has made looking to the summer worrisome. But now we are drenched. I never thought I wold be so thrilled to see mud.