Oh Krito . . .

we owe a rooster to Aesculapius. See that it is given, and do not neglect this.

Socrates’ last words

Mr. Sulyeman had turned into a real problem: he was very aggressive, attacking us and not being very gentlemanly with his lady hens. We don’t have time for problems, and if you are a problem you wind up in the stew pot, plain and simple!

Well, our rooster Mr. Sulyeman has decided to retire to spend more time with his family!

We have been getting about a half gallon of berries a day from our strawberry patch for the past couple of weeks.

His retirement party will be celebrated with a nice chicken and dumpling stew, followed by a dessert of strawberries from our garden . . .

“Yes, can I help you?!?!?!” Lori tries to calm Leah, our most difficult milker who, of course, has the sweetest and best milk, and has quite a personality and is not afraid to use it!

and cream from our goats!

So no gold watch for Mr. Sulyeman; just a stainless steel stewpot, a few carrots, onions, potatoes, and seasoning to see him through his golden years in his new life living with gravy and dumplings on our plates.

One thought on “Oh Krito . . .

  1. I loved your previous entry about Suleyman. I adore your literary references to your farm life. And, your description of Suleyman’s transformation due to an attitude unbecoming of a bucolic life!! Funny!!! Your farm sounds beautiful. Since you are out west, maybe you could check out a show that originates on the Internet Radio in Boise, Idaho, and a segment of it called “Bucky Buckaw.” He talks about the hows and whys of backyard Chickenry. Many NPR stations pick it up. I passed your blog on to Bucky.