Dancing Faun Farm
Alimentum et felicitas omnibus per curam bonam terrae.

("Nourishment and happiness for all through the land's good stewardship.")


Welcome to Dancing Faun Farm, a farm dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices, humanely raised animals, and la dolce vita. We took our name from the Dancing Faun from The House of the Dancing Faun in ancient Pompeii. The Dancing Faun was an ancient Greek and Roman creature symbolic of joy, fertility, and the perfect wedding in the relationship between humans, animals, and the land. 

Our farm is located on a beautiful ridge in the coastal foothills of Oregon with views of three ancient Cascadian volcanoes, sweeping vistas of vineyards, and a lovely western backdrop of the blue mountains of the coast range. It was established by a former Classics professor and his financial advisor wife in 2012, who had the mid-life epiphany that farms are more rewarding than meetings and traffic.

The land here is lovely any time of year, whether in the scorching rays of summer, such as it is here, or when the land is at rest in its hibernial slumber under blankets of fresh snow.

You can follow the general mischief, mistakes, miracles and misadventures of two farmer wannabes working their E-I-E-I-uh-Oh(!) farm by following our blog, which will also feature occasional updates and news about our loyal and eager C.E.O. and hole-digger, vole munching dog Puck (also know as the Puckster and Mr. Puckles).

Me hercule, latifundia iam ad canes ivit!

("Good grief, the farm has already gone to the dogs!')