Dancing Faun Farm

About Us


Steve grew up shuttling between Cannon Beach and Beaverton, but spent copious amounts of time at Powell's Books where he developed an interest in ancient literature as a teenager. He graduated from Sunset in Beaverton in 1981, pushed paper for two years at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon, then backpacked through Europe for six months from March to September of 1983. While traveling he met an American college graduate from New England who by 1985 had him thoroughly domesticated and married and living in Boston (wha' happened!?!?!?) He graduated with a dual BA in Latin and Greek and History from UMass. Boston in 1989, and with his PhD from Brown University in 1996, with stints at the American Academy in Rome and the American School for Classical Studies in Athens. He has traveled extensively in the Mediterranean and taught from 1996-2012 at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he taught courses on Roman literature, history, and culture, and Latin; he is also the author of three books: Imperial Inquisitions. Informants and Prosecutors from Tiberius to Domitian (Routledge 2001); Ancient Rome as a Museum. Power Identity and the Culture of Collecting (Oxford 2012); and Tacitus. Select Readings (Bolchazy Carducci, forthcoming). As professor he was a frequent lecturer at the Smithsonian and also chalked up appearances on the History Channel before finally jumping off the fast track and running away to join the circus in 2012, when a long-time love of gardening and food finally seduced him back to his native state to spend the next half of his life (gods willing) farming. 


Lori brings a stunning lack of experience to Dancing Faun Farm.   As a founding partner of an investment advisory firm, she is more of an expert in estate and retirement planning.      The granddaughter of a Nebraskan cattle rancher on one side and a New Jersey master gardener on the other, she, like Steve!, has some farming roots, but it has been a winding path that brought her to DFF.  

Lori was introduced to Oregon in 1985 on her honeymoon with Steve!  in Cannon Beach.   The verdant forests and gorgeous hills and mountains of the state became her touchstone over the last 27 years.   She found her way to farming through the long sabbatical stints on the coast—suburban living back East just lost its appeal.   Visits to other folks’ farms seeded the idea that it was possible  a la “Green Acres”  (look up the reference, young people) for a professional to take up farming.   

Support for the notion of middle-aged farm start-ups were fed by Anna and Alessandro of Deruta, Italy, Roman runaways who had never farmed but now run a stunning “agriturismo” (farm/inn); David and Charlotte of Yachats, Oregon, medical professionals who retired to goat farming and spurred us to expand our farm vision to include goats; and Packy and Teresa of Olney, Oregon, our fine arts farmer friends.    Without the vision of Kristin Frost Albrecht, and her farmer/foodie cohorts of the North Coast Food Web and River People Farmers Market, we simply would not be farming today.

It needs to be said that one impetus of the move to DFF is the belief that one can become a solution provider rather than remaining part of the problem.   That problem being a national, culturally held belief that good food is not important, that animal welfare matters not and that respect for the land and its inherent abundance is too high a price to pay.     As Roger Doiron has written, the most subversive act one can do is plant a garden in the U.S.    And, for those of you who do not know me well, I am a quiet subversive. 

Very simply, the land was calling, stewardship of animals beckoned, and it was easy to slip on the muck boots.

Lori continues to work for her firm and devotes all of her free time to tending the beauty of her pleasant hill.